Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MAC Captive

Another MAC post for today! It's MAC Captive in satin finish. MAC describes it as pinkish-plum which really is a perfect description. It's one of my favorite MAC lipsticks. I love the color. To me, it's edgy and sophisticated at the same time. It really depends on how you dress it up. I also like the texture because it's creamy enough to glide on the lips and it stays on the lips for a decent 4-5 hours without drinking/eating.


Color is actually a bit darker in person. This is the closest color I could get with my camera. You can see that it's creamy but not too shiny. The overall finish is more of a semi-matte which I really love!

What do you think of the color? :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MAC Angel

MAC day today! Today, I'll be reviewing a very popular shade of MAC lipstick called Angel. The finish is Frost which I find odd because the color is not too frosty. Maybe it's because color is just light so the "frost" effect isn't too obvious. To me, it feels more like a cremesheen finish more than a frost though this is the only frost lipstick that I have.

This is an everyday lip color that is okay for school or work. It's very subtle and classy. It's not matte or semi-matte so to me it fades easily. I do apply lip pencil (very light pink) before applying this so the color stays longer. I use my Shiseido Smoothing Lip Pencil in RD702 Anemone.

But for the swatches below, I used it by itself to see the real color payoff.

There you go! I think the color is really pretty. Its a fun color but not "too" fun that it looks too edgy or inappropriate for school or work. The pop of color that it brings is really nice. I love to put on a light pink or nude blush with it and really soft neutral eye make up. It can go well with a no-makeup makeup look.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation

Lately, I haven't  been wearing liquid foundations because it's been really humid and I just can't stand liquid make-up melting on my face. I usually just wear powder foundation, blush and lipstick. But now that rainy season is upon us, I can wear my medium coverage foundations. My favorite is Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation. My shade is number 31 (Ambre Pale). 

What I like about this foundation is it's light, finish is almost matte but not too "fake matte". It's has the dewy-slash-glowy effect. It's not as runny like Urban Decay's Naked foundation. My applicator of choice is my new Real Techniques Foundation Blush. It's the first time I used the brush and it was really good! Anyway, that's for another review. 

I still don't have a photo wearing the foundation because I always forget (sorry!) but I promise to update this with a photo. I've used up a third of the bottle and I dread finishing this up because it's expensive. I shall hoard during the outlet sale (yes, there is one!). Honestly, I wouldn't buy this if it wasn't on sale because it's just too damn expensive. I would rather try out other brands but the quality of this foundation makes me think twice!

Anyway, have you tried this? Will you? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Denim Ink (28)

Hey guys! I'm back with another review. For today it's going to be Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Denim Ink. I chose this color because I wanted something dark but not "too" dark like black ink. I was choosing between this and the purple one. I decided to get this because I have a similar purple liner by Urban Decay called Rockstar.

The problem with these gel liners is that they're not as "portable" as pencil liners. First, they're small but bulky. It takes a while to put them on because you have to be really precise and also you need a brush for this. So you need not only bring this small bottle but you also have to bring a liner. I prefer using this at home when I have enough time to prepare.

The brush that I use for this is from Bobbi Brown also. It's called the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush. My brother got it from me in Singapore but I believe it's also available locally.

I prefer using this brush more than others because it's really fine, the tip is precisely cut and it gets just enough product.

This product is really good and it rarely (because I do have oily lids) fades. It also doesn't melt which I like. I prefer it fading than melting because it looks horrible when it goes on my under eye area. Ekk!

I hope more colors would be available here in the Philippines because these are simply amazing!

Monday, June 3, 2013

MAC Betty Bright

I know I've been a little behind with this collection and I've also been very busy with work and life that's why I haven't written much lately. 

Anyway, pardon my absence. I'm back (hopefully longer this time LOL)! 

The lipsticks that I got in this collection is this and also Daddy's Little Girl which I will also make a review soon. 

I really like the packaging of this one more than other collections because it's really cute and this is the first MAC tube that I have that's not black. The box is really adorable too! 

This has a satin finish which I like because it'll stay longer on my lips compared to other finishes. I also don't like overly shiny lips that's why I don't own any lip gloss.

The color in the photo is quite far from the actual color. It's pinker and brighter. This is considered coral with a hint of pink but to me it's more of a bright pink with a hint of coral (?).

On the lips, it actually highlights the dry patches so I recommend a lip scrub (I use Sara Happ, works wonders!)

It's really a very nice summer bright shade. It looks nice with a neutral, toned down eyeshadow, soft cheeks and defined brows. When in a hurry, I tried using this with just a clean no-makeup make up look and it really brightens up the face!

What do you have from the Archie's collection? Do share! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: The Face Shop Face It GL 112

I know, another nail polish post but lately I've been buying nail polish in all colors so I can't help it! Today, I'll be reviewing The Face Shop Face It in GL112. This is a golden shade which I adore. It's a dull gold, a bit two-toned and shimmery which I like. It really pops in your hands and looks like liquid gold. Some people won't like this because it's streaky but what I love about TFS polish is that it's really easy to apply. No fuss and also easy to remove. One more thing I like about this is it stays for almost two weeks without chipping off (unlike some brands, even hi-end ones).

I have yet to make my own DIY lightbox for my product shots. Soon! I'll also show here a step by step procedure how you can make one at home so watch out for that.

What do you think of my liquid gold nail polish? Lol!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Review: Orly Blue Suede in Matte Finish

Hey everyone! It's been months since my last post and here I am again with a brand new polish post. I'm currently in love with Orly's matte polish. I actually have 3 and the other two I shall blog about soon.

Sooo, matte polish. I actually like them because they're not as poppy as the usual polish which are shiny any super bright. I like it because it's deep and muted and it has a "rough" feel it to. It's not your usual polish and I like that.

Here it is in the bottle.

The color is a deep blue which has zero shine in it and looks amazing!

Also, I should say that I definitely love Orly's handle because it's rubberized and makes it easy to open the bottle.

So have you tried any matte polish lately?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Revlon Nail Polish in Scandalous

I'm all about the glitter polishes as you can see here (more to come) so when I saw this purple glittery nail polish from Revlon, I instantly bought it because it seems unique and I love the color.

Color in the bottle is super cute, right? Well actually, I didn't expect the glitters to be that big when applied, my mistake. There's nothing really wrong here since I knew what I was getting. But I think the purple polish itself turned out to be a very sheer black than purple. It's only the glitter that is purple.

See the giant glitters?

This polish is a bit hard to apply because it takes two or three layers to make it look like this. It's a bit awkward looks a little bit Cruella de Vil to me, right? I obviously can't return it because we don't have the same rules like in the US which sucks for us customers (okay, not exactly sure, just assuming).

Anyway, I'm selling this one at my online store. Send me a message or you can buy it directly. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Face Shop Nail Polish in PP401 & BR802

This was an accidental buy, really. I was in TFS wanting to buy their super great nail polish remover. I had no cash at hand but they had a minimum for their credit card transaction so I had to buy other stuff and so I settled for nail polish. 

PP401 and BR802
First, let me talk about BR802 which on the bottle is very beige and looks super opaque but when applied, looks very orange-y, sadly disappointing. It's a weird orange, it kind of in the middle. It's not too bright and also not too beige-y.

Looks a bit more orange-y in person.
Next is the purple nail polish which is super cute! I like bright nail polish that isn't too loud like neon and this is perfect! I love it to bits and it's also easy to apply and super affordable too. 

Each bottle costs around P95. A bit more expensive than local brands and a lot cheaper than imported brands like Orly and China Glaze.

What do you think? Do you have TFS polishes too that you love?