Saturday, March 2, 2013

Review: Orly Blue Suede in Matte Finish

Hey everyone! It's been months since my last post and here I am again with a brand new polish post. I'm currently in love with Orly's matte polish. I actually have 3 and the other two I shall blog about soon.

Sooo, matte polish. I actually like them because they're not as poppy as the usual polish which are shiny any super bright. I like it because it's deep and muted and it has a "rough" feel it to. It's not your usual polish and I like that.

Here it is in the bottle.

The color is a deep blue which has zero shine in it and looks amazing!

Also, I should say that I definitely love Orly's handle because it's rubberized and makes it easy to open the bottle.

So have you tried any matte polish lately?

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