Saturday, June 16, 2012

Revlon Nail Polish in Scandalous

I'm all about the glitter polishes as you can see here (more to come) so when I saw this purple glittery nail polish from Revlon, I instantly bought it because it seems unique and I love the color.

Color in the bottle is super cute, right? Well actually, I didn't expect the glitters to be that big when applied, my mistake. There's nothing really wrong here since I knew what I was getting. But I think the purple polish itself turned out to be a very sheer black than purple. It's only the glitter that is purple.

See the giant glitters?

This polish is a bit hard to apply because it takes two or three layers to make it look like this. It's a bit awkward looks a little bit Cruella de Vil to me, right? I obviously can't return it because we don't have the same rules like in the US which sucks for us customers (okay, not exactly sure, just assuming).

Anyway, I'm selling this one at my online store. Send me a message or you can buy it directly. 

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