Friday, June 15, 2012

The Face Shop Nail Polish in PP401 & BR802

This was an accidental buy, really. I was in TFS wanting to buy their super great nail polish remover. I had no cash at hand but they had a minimum for their credit card transaction so I had to buy other stuff and so I settled for nail polish. 

PP401 and BR802
First, let me talk about BR802 which on the bottle is very beige and looks super opaque but when applied, looks very orange-y, sadly disappointing. It's a weird orange, it kind of in the middle. It's not too bright and also not too beige-y.

Looks a bit more orange-y in person.
Next is the purple nail polish which is super cute! I like bright nail polish that isn't too loud like neon and this is perfect! I love it to bits and it's also easy to apply and super affordable too. 

Each bottle costs around P95. A bit more expensive than local brands and a lot cheaper than imported brands like Orly and China Glaze.

What do you think? Do you have TFS polishes too that you love?


  1. Beautiful color ^_^ I don't have any TFS nail, but i will buy one next time.


  2. I have one in red ;) Check it out on my blog! Will be posting it tomorrow ;)