Monday, June 3, 2013

MAC Betty Bright

I know I've been a little behind with this collection and I've also been very busy with work and life that's why I haven't written much lately. 

Anyway, pardon my absence. I'm back (hopefully longer this time LOL)! 

The lipsticks that I got in this collection is this and also Daddy's Little Girl which I will also make a review soon. 

I really like the packaging of this one more than other collections because it's really cute and this is the first MAC tube that I have that's not black. The box is really adorable too! 

This has a satin finish which I like because it'll stay longer on my lips compared to other finishes. I also don't like overly shiny lips that's why I don't own any lip gloss.

The color in the photo is quite far from the actual color. It's pinker and brighter. This is considered coral with a hint of pink but to me it's more of a bright pink with a hint of coral (?).

On the lips, it actually highlights the dry patches so I recommend a lip scrub (I use Sara Happ, works wonders!)

It's really a very nice summer bright shade. It looks nice with a neutral, toned down eyeshadow, soft cheeks and defined brows. When in a hurry, I tried using this with just a clean no-makeup make up look and it really brightens up the face!

What do you have from the Archie's collection? Do share! :)

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