Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Revlon ColorStay Lipsticks

I got the ColorStay Lipsticks from Revlon. By the way, this is still included in my auntie's pasalubong. She really gave us a lot and we are beyond thankful. Anyway, I got two colors, Soft Cinnamon and Satin Rosewood. How come MAC cosmetics have funkier names? Hehe ;)

Anyway, I enjoy wearing these colors because they do last a long time and they are really pigmented. Here are some pics:

With flash
With lighting

Skin swatches
As I was applying it the first time, it was shocking. I never thought a lipstick could be this smooth and pigmented. This is the first swipe of the Soft Cinnamon and see how it is so pigmented. One swipe is all you need. Here are some pictures of the lipstick.
I have to admit it is kind of glittery and frosty but honestly, I don't mind because it's not a "normal" frosty lipstick and the glitter is like part of the color and not "added". Okay, I'm not sure if I'm making sense. It's hard to describe this. Haha.

I like wearing this with a bare face and a toned down outfit like maybe a white shirt and faded boyfriend jeans and my black platform heels. For the make-up, a good foundation like the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and my Chanel blush and black liner.

Next is Satin Rosewood. It's an everyday color which is probably a dupe for most of my lipsticks. It's very wearable, MLBB and not a loud color.

No need for pros and cons because it's a superb product and the only con is that it stinks. Like it came from an expired container or formula. It really stinks. I saw my friend having the same product and she really loves it too. She has almost emptied it and I asked her if it really stinks (because maybe what I got is expired though it was sealed) and she said it's really like that. The Revlon ColorStay foundation also has a weird smell so I guess it's in the formula of the ColorStay products. Although after application, the scent goes away. Maybe it's the container? I really don't know.

Anyway, if you're really going for long lasting color and very pigmented lipsticks, I recommend this product as long as your nose isn't that sensitive. :)



  1. Both lipsticks look pretty though I like Satin Rosewood better on you. :P