Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Second Pair of Mini Platforms from Schutz

I call them mini platforms because the platforms aren't really "platforms". They're just tiny platforms but these are killer hills. I think they can actually kill. Haha. I love this one because the heel isn't as thin as chopsticks. I could actually walk in them and they make me feel stronger and more powerful, every step I take. Since it's in black, I can actually pair it with almost everything. When I was buying this, it was also available in brown. I usually would go for browns because they make my feet whiter too but I really need black formal shoes so I got this one.

It's more than 4 inches, maybe even 5. What's shocking is that it's actually comfortable to walk in. 5 inches. Even I am amazed.

I got this on sale from Tyler. The brand is Schutz, a Brazilian company. Schutz shoes are available in Tyler and in Adora, as far as I know.
Wore this today to the parlor, matched with a checkered black and white polo
With the Schutz logo, I love!

As I've mentioned earlier, I got this on sale. It was 50 or maybe 70% off, and there's more! It's buy one take one, pay for the more expensive pair! How cool is that? I also got this one for my take one:

I have big feet so it's usually hard for me to buy shoes which are beyond comfortable. I'm a size 10 that's why I love shoe shopping abroad.

I got both for only Php2,850. Regular price of shoes from Schutz are ranging from Php3,500-5,500.


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