Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bobbi Brown's Concealer, Foundation and Paul & Joe's Eye Primer

Bobbi Brown Foundation

This is what I usually put on my face for a base or foundation but not all the time. Since it's too hot outside, I usually don't put on foundation. So, if you're curious why I only have sample size of this one, it's because I have a lot of it. I think I have a handful more of this one. Since I rarely use foundation, I still have a lot of stock that's why I haven't bought any yet.

Love, love this one. It's creamy enough for the face and it really covers up well especially after a few hours, you'll really see the difference! Just make sure you get the color right!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Beige
Hands down, the best concealer I have ever tried. Before, I actually said that I want to change it and try something else. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything as good as this one. This is the first ever concealer I've ever tried and I will stick with it until the last stock! Hehe :) There's actually another packaging for this which comes with a loose powder and a small foam. I super like the loose powder but it was too bulky and plus, I have my YSL powder so I don't really need that anymore. Plus, it has a mirror as big as the concealer itself. Love!!!

Paul and Joe Eye Color Primer in 02Back label

This primer is actually as good as an eye brightener. The color is perfect on my skin and I love how it brightens my eyes and also locks in color for my eyes. Plus, it smells great which I adore!


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