Friday, August 13, 2010

Revlon ColorStay Foundation

I finally gave in. I really didn't want to purchase one because I just bought the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation. I didn't think I had to buy another one but then, I realized that I can't really use the PhotoReady Foundation everyday since the shimmer is noticeable and if it's not a night out, I prefer not to use it. So, I had to buy another foundation which I could use everyday, wherever and whenever. I found it with the Revlon ColorStay Foundation.

Compared to the PR Foundation, ColorStay has medium to full coverage which is lovely. It's true what Nikki said that it can double as your concealer! A whole tube of concealer is just lovely! My Bobbi Brown concealer costs 1k while this one is just PHP825 and this has more product. Cost effective, huh?

Here it is, sealed
That's me without any make-up on
Here's a picture comparison with and without the foundation

As you can see, I really have problem with my dark under eye circles and the redness on my cheeks and lastly those veins beside my lips. The foundation did an amazing job in covering those uneven skin tones. I was really impressed with the foundation that I would repurchase.

  • Great coverage
  • Lasts a long, long time
  • Doesn't oil that much
  • No retouches necessary
  • Isn't cakey
  • Very natural looking if you get the correct shade
  • The smell is icky when you smell the bottle but when you apply it on your face, the smell subsides and eventually goes away
  • Too pricey for me
  • Not so many colors to choose from in the outlets I went to, maybe just 4 shades

I know that there's a problem with the packaging of the ColorStay so even before I started using it, I know I had to transfer it to another container so I wouldn't waste any product. Good thing a few weeks ago, I was in Rockwell and was just killing time. I saw this store called Beabi. They sell pouches and small plastic containers! They have all size, shapes. The good thing is that it's very affordable and they're clear plastic bottles so there's no problem seeing how much product is left. Here's what I bought for the foundation.
It's a dropper bottle that could hold up to 60ml. I got it for only PHP40. Affordable!
As you can see, it has it's own lock and even with the whole on top of the beak, the cover has it's own stopper so it wouldn't leak out in case it rolls in your bag or traveling case. It also makes it lighter to carry and such a space saver!
I got to transfer a lot of product in the container. In the next photo, you'll see that I turned the bottle upside down so I could still get the remaining foundation in the bottle. I could use the product in the bottle when I do my make up at home but when I am on the go, I usually just take with me the new container that I have. Nice, huh?
So, what do you think?


  1. Oh the container is pure genius! :)

  2. Teeyah, yes I completely agree! The nice thing about it is that you can control how much product you want, just like in the PhotoReady pump! :)

  3. This is just what I have been looking for.Next month I have to attend a wedding and I was searching for the perfect foundation to suit my oily skin.I tried this at the store along with a couple of others(Body Shop foundation and Loreal True Match) and was very confused but you have alleviated some of my doubts.Does this suit oily skin?Also like you I have horrible dark circles does this help in covering them up(your pic did'nt show your eyes).
    Im new to the blogging world and would appreciate if you could drop by my blog and check it.Im already following you.

  4. @Sonia: I've sent my reply to your blog. Hope that helped. :)