Friday, August 13, 2010

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Swatches

We got another package from our relatives abroad! And guess what I asked them to buy for the pasalubong - LIPSTICKS AND LIP GLOSSES. What's new, right?

This is my very first time to try on Rimmel lipsticks. I know there are some resellers of these but at a higher price and to get this for free is just amazing.

The colors that I got are Fancy 210 and Nude Delight 700. I've been dreaming of having the perfect nude lipstick like Circe from NYX but I couldn't find one that was of the same shade until now!
Here's how it looks like
Left: Fancy; Right: Nude Delight
Skin swatches
(L-R): Double of Fancy, Single of Fancy, Single of Nude Delight, Double of Nude Delight
Nude Delight on me
Fancy on me

Now, to the most important part: how does it fair compared to other lipsticks out there?

Nude Delight
- seems to have a matte finish but not as drying compared to other matte-looking lipsticks
- color is just lovely
- doesn't have glitters but is shiny because of the moisturizing effect

- has too many glitters
- a bit on the sheer side as you can see in the swatches
- I really don't like the color
- nothing edgy about it
- will probably give it to someone who wants it more, like mommy dear! :)

  • Definitely creamy, like what the line says - Moisture Renew
  • Easy to glide on, not too heavy
  • I like the color of Nude Delight
  • Has a funky flowery scent
  • Fancy is just too glittery and too sheer
  • Packaging is not sleek nor elegant-looking
  • Not available in the Philippines
There's more or less equal weights on the pros and cons. If these lipsticks were available here in the Philippines, I would definitely buy more. It's just a matter of choosing the right color and finish that you want. The smell, hmm. I could live with it because after application, the smell goes away.

I really love the color of Nude Delight. Even if it flushes me out, I don't mind because there's a sense of edginess to it since it's not that popular shade. Most people nowadays either wear very red or very pink, not that there's anything wrong with it, in fact, I own a lot!



  1. I want Nude Delight! :P

    The lippies look so pretty. :P

  2. Thanks Pammy! I love Nude Delight too! They're so simple yet catchy. This is why I can't stop my lipstick "phase" :))