Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nails: Manicure at Nail Tropics

My friend invited me to have a mani-pedi session over at Greenbelt 5 last week, Thursday. This is my first time to try a new nail salon because for the past years (yes, years), I've been loyal to California Day Spa in Paseo de Magallanes. The problem with that nail salon is that they take forever to finish your nails. That's both a good and bad thing. Good because I'm sure that they take good care of my nails and they they aren't in a hurry just to cater to more customers. On the other hand, I hate it because it takes me two hours just to finish my nails. That's too long, I think. My bum hurts already!

My friend introduced me to this new nail salon in Greenbelt 5 called Nail Tropics. I've tried it once before but he space in Serendra was too small and it didn't feel cozy at all. The one in Greenbelt 5 wasn't so big either but it was more comfortable looking compared to the one in the Fort. My friend and I got the special room but there was extra charge.

The nail artists were very nice and accommodating. They greeted us with smiles and also catered to all our needs.The place and equipment were clean and very hyegenic. Also, they were very fast in doing the manicure. It took them only 40 minutes to finish my nails. Btw, I only had manicure. They also had a wide selection of nail polish. I believe they have OPI, Essie and other brands.

Here's a picture of the finish product.

I used Essie in Baby's Breath. I love the color because it looks clean and surprisingly, I had the nail polish on for a week now and no chipping!

Here's what essie.com says about Baby's Breath:
A powder-fresh, creamy white, perfect for a french manicure.



  1. Your nails look really nice. I like the shape of your nails too. :P

  2. thanks Pammy! Surprisingly, that was taken a week ago. Thursday to be exact and today, it still looks the same. the polish doesn't chip easily. Thanks to Nail Tropics for the wonderfully shaped nails! :)