Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chanel Blush, Joues Contraste in 44 Narcisse

Here's the compact outside it's protective case

Here's the compact open revealing the blush and a small brush

Here's you can see the color

The label at the back

Here's my first review of make up which I own and actually use everyday.
I got this one last December in the Macau Duty Free in the airport while waiting for my flight back home in the Philippines. I had some more money left and my mom said it would be best to spend it than to save it because it would be hard to exchange Pataca in the Philippines. So, I went to the cosmetics section and I looked for something I like. Since I was running low on blush-on, I decided to get one but I wasn't sure what brand to buy until I saw Chanel.

I always wanted to try Chanel cosmetics not only because of it's name but also because my friend said it was a quality product too. So, I searched for the perfect pink hue which would compliment my fair skin.

I use this as a part of my everyday make-up since it's not too glittery and it has just that perfect tone of pink for everyday use.

Another plus point for this product is that although I use it quite often, it's as if it's still brand new. Meaning, it takes a while before it would be completely finished. I love that about make-ups because it means I got my money's worth with this one!

One thing I don't like about this is the brush. I don't like the texture because it's not as soft as I expect it to be. Also, it's too small. What I do is I usually bring with me a bigger brush for application.



  1. I have this in Tea Rose and I love it. :P I agree about the brush though. And yes, it still looks brand new even if I've had it for half a year now.

  2. @Pammy Yes! It's really worth it. Also, it's long lasting so I really don't have to re-touch all the time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!