Saturday, August 21, 2010

Triple Review: Bobbi Brown Lip and Eye Basic Palette, Paul & Joe Eye Color Primer and Pond's Pure White Facial Wash

My brother asked me to accompany him to the mall to go shopping. I was kind of hesitating because I had so many stuff to do for school. He insisted that I go with him so I did. I had 15 minutes to dress up so I wore my faded blue jeans, yellow lose shirt and my pale pink flats.
Anyway, what I did is I used my Revlon ColorStay Foundation, My Chanel Blush, TFS Semi-Matte Lipstick with MAC Chatterbox. I don't have a picture of it since I have already taken it off my face. Sorry. I usually don't put on eye make -up bit since I had a couple minutes left, I decided to look for something fast but looks great. I saw my Bobbi Brown palette, used the darkest shade as my eye color. Nothing fancy. No blending. Just one color. You'll see.

Here are some pictures of the palette:
These are the lip glosses (left retractable part)

Matte lipsticks (right retractable part)
Swatches: Upper part - glosses (L-R: Pink Bouquet, Orchid, the third is just another swipe)
Lower part - lip color (L-R: Dusty Mauve, Slopes)
These are the brushes included in the palette
Eyeshadows: (T-B: Bone, Nude)
Eyeshadows: (T-B: Stone, Mahogany)

What I used today is Mahogany. It's a very nice dark brown color that blends well and is somewhat waxy compared to other colors.

What I think of this palette: I think that this palette is nice overall but the lip colors aren't my favorite. They're a bit too thick and the colors aren't that flattering for me. However, the eye colors are lovely and would definitely use them again.

The next part of this review is the Paul & Joe Eye Color Primer. This is the first and only eye primer that I have so I really can't compare this with other primers because that would just be unfair. Anyway, here are some photos to prove how wonderful this primer is.
Applied it to half of my hand
When blended into the skin
I applied the eyeshadows to the area where there is primer and no primer for comparison
Can you see the difference?
I tried to rub it off using tissue and that's what happens to the colors!

After rubbing it off with tissue, the color of the eyeshadows without the primer has totally been wiped off. However, the area where there is eye primer, the color stays on. I'm really happy with this one. As I don't really use eye shadows, this is okay for me though I know there might be other primers which are better.

The third and last part of this review is the Pond's Pure White Facial Wash. I've been loyal to my Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I've been using it for my face and as well as taking off my make-up. It does a very good job. There really isn't any reason why I should stop using this product because it has taken care of my skin for a long time and I love it.

However, when I saw Pond's new facial wash, I was intrigued by how it removes dirt, etc. using it's ingredient: Active Carbon. I ain't a scientist but they say that it takes out the dirt from your face and it whitens it. I'm really not a fan of whitening products that's why I stick with my Cetaphil Cleanser. However, what I'm really after this product is to thoroughly clean my face and not really the whitening part.

I've been using this for probably 3-4 weeks now and the only thing I don't like about this product is that it leaves your face extremely dry after washing. I hate it. Other than that, it's pretty okay. I just don't know if it does take out the dirt on my face. I haven't had pimples with this one. Thank God because I really don't have pimples, very rare that I do so this product is really pretty good.

Anyway, I used this one to take out the product on my hand, the one I used for the swatches.
This is the color of the product - grayish silvery color
Ta-dah! It's all gone!

It looks like it does it job in removing stuff from my face (and hand :)). I would recommend this to other people, no doubt! But I would also still keep my Cetaphil for days that I want to revive my face from the dryness this does to my face. I will still also use Cetaphil as my make-up remover.

So, after that long review, what do you think of the products?


  1. The lippies on the palette look pretty! :P And that cleanser seems promising. But I am skipping it since I'm allergic to Pond's. :P

  2. Thanks Pammy! Oh no! That's too bad :(

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