Friday, July 9, 2010

Haul: The Face Shop Lipsticks in Moisture and Semi-matte

This is actually a late post since I got these stuff two days ago. While waiting for my nephew to finish his class, I went to check lipsticks. I wanted to go to MAC but the sales assistant there is a bitch so I decided not to go.

Note to MAC Philippines: Please, make your SAs more approachable. NOT. GOOD. FOR. BUSINESS.

So, I went to PCX and looked at Maybelline's lipsticks but I was looking for a nude color and all they had were either dark browns or reds. I wanted a nude lipstick like Circe by NYX or a Barbie-ish pink lipstick. I really don't buy cosmetics fro The Face Shop but it was just beside PCX so I went ahead and looked for a lipstick. It's refreshing to know that their lipsticks are updated. They had nudes, corals, bright pinks and light ones.They had three lines for their lipsticks. There's semi-matte, moisture and another one which I cannot remember but it had shimmer/glitters on it which I didn't like.

First, I had to put a lip balm since my lips are very dry. I tried to put on the lipstick even before balm and it was just too flaky. I used Nivea Med Protection lip balm which doesn't have a minty taste or smell which I like because strong effect of mint makes my upper lip swollen for some reason.
Lower lip without any lip balm
Here it is with the Nivea lip balm, ready for color!

Here are the two shades that I got.
It's PP401 for Semi-matte and PK101 for moisture.

Here are the swatches. You can see the difference between the
matte finish and the moisture finish.

Moisture PK101
This is a moisture lipstick which is obviously shiny. It looks like it was topped with gloss which makes it more convenient to wear. It's like a pinkish coral.

Semi-matte PP401
Here's the semi-matte lippy which s obviously very matte. If you like the finish, this one is the best one to get. I love the color of this one. It's the nude that I want without being over the top. Totally wearable.

What I like:
  • one of the most pigmented lipsticks I ever encountered
  • swipes easily
  • texture is nice and very concentrated formulation
  • staying power is long enough for me but will need to re-apply every once in a while
What I don't like:
  • quite steep for the price (approximately Php590) for one tube
  • the smell is too strong, it's like an old perfume
Overall, I would definitely go back there, probably this weekend and maybe a different store as some stores might have different stocks/colors.



  1. I haven't tried TFS's lipsticks yet.. Moisture PK101 is pretty though! :D

  2. yes. it sometimes washes me out but i dont mind actually. very very pigmented. i like it i just dont like the smell :))