Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Balm is The Bomb

Out of the blue, I decided to visit Beauty Bar over at Rockwell to check out their new stuff, escpecially The Balm. I've read that their concealer is good but I wanted to check out other products too.

Since I just bought my Bobbi Brown Corrector, I didn't buy the correct but instead, I bought a blush, translucent powder and face primer.

First, I want to talk about the primer.

It's sealed which is good so I'm sure it's still unopened. I was just shocked at first because it became watery compared to their swatch at the store. But after a few squeezes, the good texture came out and never again did I see the watery substance. It probably settled.

Anyway, it's a clear substance which is so buttery and so soft that this is actually not just recommended to be placed before make up but also by itself as it makes your skin look softer and healthy. When I'm in the office and no meetings for the day, I usually just wear this and powder and I'm set for the whole day. Not bad.

Next is the blush/eyeshadow in CabanaBoy.

This blush/eyeshadow is usually darker or "more roasted" than my usual blushes. It also has almost unnoticeable gold sparkles which I actually like. You won't see it even if you looked but on the pan, you'll see it. It gives a healthy glow without looking too fake. It's also quite affordable compared to other brands like Chanel, MAC or Bobbi Brown. Winner, right? It also lasts long which is a major plus.

Last but not the least, my favorite of all three is the translucent powder.

This translucent powder seriously has no color even though you put more than usual when it's extremely humid and hot outside. I was actually shocked to see that it lasts almost the whole day or if it's really humid, you only need to re-apply once and that's it. Not kidding at all. It's also packed in a very economical way and still with a mirror which is good because I don't want to carry around a big ass compact. MAC's translucent powder packs only 6.3g while this has 7.08g. And this is so much more affordable. Love love love it! The only down side is it doesn't have a brush so I need to bring one with me.

The only thing with The Balm is they don't have much product just a few, even in their website. Oh well. I'm actually thinking about stocking up on the translucent powder because it's my everyday go-to powder. I know im over exaggerating but seriously, you should check out Beauty Bar and check it out yourself.

Have you experienced The Balm yet?

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