Friday, June 3, 2011

Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer

Bobbi Brown. I can say that this is one of the major brands I had when I started using make-up. I remember going to Rustan's to look for a good concealer and since Bobbi Brown is all for a natural look, my mom told me to go and check out their counter. My mom has always been okay with me wearing make-up as long as it looks natural. What I was using before was just the concealer. I swear, they have the best concealers. It's creamy, full coverage and beautiful colors. Even though my complexion changes, they will  always have a color for me.

When they came up with the corrector, I was so intrigued because it is supposed to compliment the concealer. What the SA from Bobbi Brown told me is that the corrector is supposed to take out the dark circles under your eyes while the concealer is supposed to brighten it. I asked him to try it out on my face and I did see the difference! He tried it on one eye first to show the difference and then applied the concealer on top of it. I was sold that I bought it the next weekend (because I was buying lipsticks that day, di kaya ng wallet ko LOL).

Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque

Ouch! but worth it.

My color

You might not see much difference but in person it's very obvious. I swear. I was even shocked because I didn't think it would be the same result as when the SA applied since he's a pro. Love it!

The corrector (right) is a beige pink color while the concealer (left) is very skin color - beige. I've already hit the pan with my concealer but I'll definitely use as much product as I can from this. It's so expensive! Haha!

Just for swatching:
Here's the corrector 
Blended and then applied concealer on top
Blended and ta-dah! It settles finely on my skin and is very long-lasting.

I only wore the concealer here and nothing else - no blush, no foundation. Totally bare. It does brighten up the face and I love that it really blends well and the color is just right.

  • Very creamy and coverage is full.
  • Easy to use with brush or even with finger application
  • Corrector and concealer complement each other
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive and not enough product in the pan, I think
  • You really need to set this with powder because it's really creamy.
I've been using my YSL Long-lasting Whitening Powder Foundation to set my concealer but I think I should use a translucent powder. Any suggestions for a good translucent powder? Thanks guys!


  1. You have really nice skin. And I can totally see the difference it made on your under eyes. :)

  2. Hey Pammy! Thanks a lot! I swear by this product. Have you tried it? :)

  3. i love it.,
    i think i should try one.,

    i like your skin tone.,
    anyways what shade are you in MAC?

  4. Thanks for this review! I have really dark under eye circles and have been looking for a product to help conceal them. Just concealer doesn't seem enough. Do you use a brush to apply or just bare hands? Ty! :)