Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Satchel Stories

So many people are into satchels nowadays. But with its steep price? Not everyone can afford it that's why some stores are re-creating it and making it into generic ones. Personally, I love it. The look is the same, it has a different hardware (which is a bit more practical), material is softer and more user friendly (lol) and of course, the price is much much friendlier (at only PHP1,500).

Here are some photos of the bag:

Got it from Invitation House - Basement @ Greenbelt 5

I love the fact that it's magnet type and not buckle type!

Okay, the real color is more like this and not the other pale photos - camera tricks. Haha!

Mind sharing your satchel? :)


  1. I think I should start taking a picture of my satchels for fun hehe :) love yours!:) yellow was my first choice when buying generic ones!:D

  2. i love it because it's easy to clean and the color really pops!! :)

  3. I have a red one:

    The yellow one looks cute too! :)