Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BaByliss iCurl Review

Don't you just hate the very tedious lengths you have to go to just to make your hair perfect every single day? And when you try to curl your hair, you have to straighten the upper part first?

Well, when I returned my Rowenta Curler, I was on the lookout for a curler. I found my big barrel BaByliss Curler but I was so intrigued with what I saw at SM Makati during their sale a few months ago.


Ta-dah! Something that will straighten and curl your hair in one stroke. How cool is that? Lemme show you!

1. Comb your hair. Me, I use my ever reliable Goody paddle brush.

2. Start from the roots by ironing it straight.
3. Then, when you reach the middle of the length of your hair (or wherever you want to curl it), twist the iron and slowly pull it down. 
4. Release and see that it's already curled. Do this to every section of your hair until you get desired curl and volume.

Don't you just love hair with lots and lots of volume? I do! This is definitely a main stay in my girly bag. No doubt.


  1. WOW your hair is really shiny :) Thanks for featuring this on your blog :) would love to get me one! Can you give me an idea how much this costs? :D thanks!

  2. Hi Ana! It's around 4k i think but i got it on sale so its around 3+ nalang. :)