Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rowenta Fail, BaByliss Yey!

I'm into hair styling lately that I even stay up late on weekends (and sometimes weekdays) just to watch hair styling tutorials on youtube. I envy girls who have style-able hair because I got mine permanently blowdried so it gets straight after a few hours if I curl it. Anywayyy, here are some of the electronics I used.

First, I bought this Rowenta Curler/Blow Dryer because I thought it would give me nice, big curls at the bottom. Boy, was I wrong! At first you thought it would rotate on its own. Well, obviously no. you curl it up by yourself but ultimately, it's like a round brush with air. You could think of it as a blowdryer and also a round brush. Weird, but yea, you get it. 

These are the attachments - one for blowdry, one for small curls or waves and one for big curls/waves.
This is where you attach it too. It's noisy, like super noisy.

What I hate about this is that it doesn't do what it promises, i tried having waves with this and it did not work. Does it really work just to straighten you hair? I don't think so. When I tried to make curls at the end my hair, it tangled up big time. Like I was untangling it for a good 10 minutes because it ate up my hair. I was kind of scared because it might be too tangled that I have to cut my hair. Thank God I got it untangled and the next day, I returned it and replaced it with...

...a real curler. BaByliss is one of the cheaper brands out there, it is cheaper than Rowenta but performs absolutely better. It's a no fuzz hair equipment which is ceramic too so it won't really damage my hair. I also bought a heat protectant which I will blog about soon.

This is a big barrel curler which makes big, wavy, full-volume hair which I always wanted. This heats up super fast and you could also change the temperature whenever you want. Isn't this amazing?

Also, since the Rowenta thing costs more than this baby, I got speakers for only PHP500+! Can you imagine that? Haha!

 Everything in this post, I bought at SM Appliance Center over at Rockwell.
I'm currently using my speakers right now and it's super awesome!

Good night now, it's already 12:34 and I need to sleep! Haha! Good night and hope you enjoyed this post! :)


  1. Hi Mia! Thanks for this review, you've saved alot of people big time for recommending which product to purchase. I like the soft waved curls too, but my hair is just super straight, it seems that soft waved curls don't like me :( I'd love to see you make a lotd post too! Would you mind sharing the price of the Babyliss product? Thanks dearest! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  2. Heyy,, I had a question! Maybe you can help me out. I want to get a pair of Schutz shoes, and I saw you've bought some.
    If you don't mind me asking: what's your shoe size and what size Schutz shoes did you buy?
    Do you know what size you wear in Nine West shoes?

  3. @Mar: I will try to post one when im not so in a hurry (which is rare) haha! Thanks for the comment!

    @MFA: For Schutz, I usually buy the biggest size - i think its a 40 or 41 - it depends. I don't really buy nine west shoes eh. im a topshop 40 tho, and aldo 40-41. :) i recommend you fit those first before you buy coz you'll never know. :) Thanks for visiting!