Monday, September 5, 2011

Goody Goody

I've been Goody shopping lately and it has its ups and downs. First, here's the famous Spin Pin Mini. I hate myself for buying this because I got the mini one instead of the the long ones. I thought this would be better because it's three pieces but my hair keeps on falling. The hold is good but the last five inches of my hair falls out and it sucks because the only thing I want to do with this is to bun all my hair, not half bun, not three small buns (like at the back of the packaging), just one giant, fabulous bun. Bummer! Anyway, here it is..

 A bit expensive at PHP499.75, no?

See the top flap of hair on top? That usually falls down after a few seconds, I hate myself.

Next are some Goody Ouchless Hair Ties. I got 29 pieces for only PHP229.75. Not bad, if it's Goody, right? I've been using this for like a month now and I use hair tie number 1 which I lost after a day. WOW! So I used hair tie number 2 which I am still using up to now. It doesn't stretch easily like other brands and the no-metal thing is working nicely. It doesn't eat my hair up and when I take the tie out, no hair strands coming out too! Yey for that! I hope the other 27 pieces don't crack out. 

No metals!
 Last but not the least, my ultimate favorite, my new Goody Styling Therapy Brush. It says that it reduces dandruff, well, I seriously noticed that there are no more visible flakes but I'm not sure if it's because I also switched shampoos. Maybe both are working? Yey if that's the case! Seriously, this makes my morning hair routine easier, very easy to use, takes out the tangles easily, massages my hair, and hopefully, reduces my dandruff.

I know this is a bit expensive for a brush (but hey, Denmark I think is at PHP1,000) but it really works. They also have other "therapies" in this line like to add shine or volume to hair. Check out PCX for these. I think Landmark and other department stores carry Goody too. 
If I ever lose this brush, I swear I will search high and low, buy online or whatever because this works for me and this is a no-regret buy.

I talk to much sometimes. Lol. What do you think? Do you love Goody as much as I do? Do tell!


  1. I love the ouchless hair ties and they really last for a long time unless you lose them, hehe. Been interested in the spin pin too, and I'll check out that brush!

  2. @Kari: I'm actually selling my spin pin mini - if your hair is a lot shorter or thinner, maybe you wana get mine? mine is long kasi kaya i think i need the regular sized pins. :) hehe