Monday, October 31, 2011

MAC Brush Cleanser Review

I had a problem regarding what to use to clean my make-up brushes. First, I tried Cetaphil but it seems to be too gentle. Next, I tired my facial wash. It was effective, too effective that it felt too strong for the brushes. So, I had to research on what to use to clean my brushes. 

MAC Brush Cleanser seems effective in doing the job, according to the videos and blogs that I've been reading. It's easy to use, dries up fast and takes out most of the make up in the brushes.

I inquired in the MAC store how much it is and I actually got surprised that it's affordable at PHP680. I say affordable because it's just a few pesos more expensive than in the States. 


 Everyone says that to save the product, it's best to buy a small spray bottle and spray the product on the brushes instead of pouring it into a small pan or directly on the brush. I bought one in Rockwell at PHP40 and transferred the product in the bottle.

Here are the brushes that need some cleaning!

Spray  the product with the brush cleanser and then...
Swipe the brush on a cloth or tissue paper back and forth so the make up on all sides of the brushes would transfer to the cloth. Do this until there is no more residue on the cloth/tissue paper.
Lastly, let the brushes dry. I do it overnight just to be sure but it does dry up quickly. 

My rating is 4/5 because it takes more than 3 repetitions before the make up is completely gone from the brushes. 

What do you think? I saw another brush cleanser in Shu Ueumura and it's so expensive at twice the price!! Haha. Just sharing!

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