Sunday, July 10, 2011

Topshop Sale Haul

Who doesn't love Topshop? I think their clothes are very up-to-date. Their shoes are TDF. The accessories are cute but I think it's a bit too expensive, no? So when they declare a sale, I make sure I visit a few of their branches because that's the only time I let myself buy clothes from Topshop. Trying to be frugal, yes.

I just blogged about my recent purchase from Topshop in Rockwell and now, I'll share with you guys what I got from Topshop Greenbelt.

I got this loose top  for PHP2895 less 50% = PHP1447.50. Not bad.

I love this top because it's okay to wear in the office but also okay to wear outside the office. Maybe change my shoes and bag and I'm set! I also love the embroidered detail. It looks well made and no chipping. It's simple and classy. 

Next is a really great buy for me because it's 50% off, fashionable and wearable. 

 Remember the YSL Arty Ring? I seriously want this ring but it's like more than PHP10K. No way I could afford that. This Topshop ring definitely reminds me of the Arty Ring in Fuchsia. It doesn't have the extended part but pwede na rin. Haha!

Next one is sooo cute I could not not buy it, also 50% off. 
Owls. Am I too late? LOL.

This dangling owl earrings is quite long but not super fancy. It's cute to brighten an outfit, but definitely for weekends only. Haha. 

Both are 50% off - from PHP645 to PHP322.5 each. Not bad!

So what did you guys get during this sale season? By the way, it's part of the Grand Makati Sale which is patterned from the Great Singapore Sale or Hong Kong Sale. This is the first time and from what I've read, this will be an annual event. So mark your calendars: July = sale month!


  1. it's either Topshop or Primark that i go to.nice haul!

  2. @ching: i haven't had the chance to shop there yet. but i checked out the website and their stuff looks great. :) thanks!

    @ana: thanks ana! :)