Monday, July 11, 2011

OOTD + New Shoes from WhatAboutSuzy

Last Sunday, the family went to Resorts' World to have dinner. We ate at Passion restaurant and here's what I wore.

Really sorry about the blurry photo. When I took it, I didn't know it was blurry! Plus, I had to crop it so super blurry. Sooorry! :|

Top from Warehouse - Jeans from Dorothy Perkins - Shoes from WhatAboutSuzy? - Bag from Zara (gift)

This top is a super favorite. I usually fold my long sleeves because it's too hot in the Metro but since it's cold outside and it's very lightweight, I don't mind wearing it like this. Love the sleeves, love the pussybow tie, the fit, everything! I wish I bought the other prints. :( It's 70% off.

My new shoes: from WhatAboutSuzy. Got this from Rockwell's Hip Stop. I forgot the store, will check the shopping bag later. Also, the SA told me that it's UnaRosa's sister company. I asked because I saw some shoes with the UnaRosa tag.  I got really lucky because first of all, I never really go to that area. But for some reason, I tried to check the stores and there, I saw it. For girls with big feet, they have sizes up to 11 and their designs are great. Next time I go there, will definitely take photos. They have stuff for office, going out, heels, wedges and lots of accessories. And, the best thing about it is their shoes are from PHP450-600. Not bad for flats.

I don't know if it's just me or does my feet look skinnier? I love the effect. The materials are leatherette and cloth. Simple, goes with any outfit. Got this for PHP500+.

For my accessories, I wore the Topshop ring I just bought, white ring from Greenhills, and Hermes-ish H earring which I got from Greenhills for a ridiculous price.

How did your Sunday go?


  1. Those shoes look really nice and comfy! And is fairly priced. :)

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  3. I love your blouse! I'm such a sucker for bowtie blouses but I've yet to find one that fits me well. :)) Your blouse looks really comfy and that print is amazing :)

    P.S. Sorry deleted my earlier comment, had a typo :)

  4. @Pam: Thank you! Yes, they are! You should check them out :)

    @Kari: Maybe you're not too late. Go check out the Warehouse sale. I bought mine in Greenbelt 5. Hope you find one you like :) Thanks for the comment! :)