Sunday, July 10, 2011

Colour Collection Lipsticks

Remember the hype about the NYX Round Lipsticks? They were talked about, swatched and used in many local beauty blogs. Now, here comes part 2. The Colour Collection lipsticks. They are about the same price but some lipsticks from the Tupperware Brand is a bit expensive. I believe nothing more than PHP350. 

Anyway, I just learned that someone in our office is selling Tupperware Brand products. I checked out the products and ordered two lipsticks. One from the Moisture Intense line and the other one from the Color Intense line.

First - Moisture Intense Lipsticks with SPF15 in Paradise Pink (around PHP150?)

This color is brighter in person and is almost leaning towards purple-y. There is a bit of shine but the color on the lips is intense. 

This color for me is still wearable but you definitely have to tone down the eyes or cheeks. 

Second - Color Intense Lipstick with SPF15 in Tea Rose

As you can see (hopefully), this is definitely softer than Paradise Pink. It also has a matte/satin finish but doesn't dry up my lips. For some reason, minutes after application, my lips feel like it's wearing balm because it has this minty feel. It's also not heavy to wear and is okay to wear with or without balm underneath. 

I am definitely in love with this color right now! It brighten ups my face. When I'm rushing, I just put on my MAC BB Cream, a bit of blush and this cute Barbie-ish bright lipstick. 

Here are some swatches of the products:

Paradise Pink - Tea Rose

Paradise Pink - Tea Rose

Here are some possible dupes of the two:

In my collection, I think the closes to Paradise Pink is a more opaque MAC Lovelorn or NYX Paris while the closest to Tea Rose is no-glitter Carnation.

Overall, here are the things I like about the Colour Collection Lipsticks:
  • Doesn't dry up my lips
  • Super affordable
  • Color payoff is superb
  • Easy to apply 
  • Has1 gram more than MAC lipsticks
  • Packaging is small so I could put it in my bag easily
  • First time I opened the tube, I noticed that a bit of product was not protected by the tube so this happened when I was trying to close it
  •  It fades after a while
  • Cheap packaging
I'm really interested in the other colors from the Color Intense line. But I'm saving up for now so maybe in the future. The Makati Sale is hurting my wallet. Seriously.


  1. @crystal: it's my current fave too!

  2. wow the tea rose looks cute!
    I was just wondering since someone mentioned to me that a NYX lipstick has a similar color to MAC candy yum yum. would you know what it is?:)