Sunday, July 3, 2011

Because I Love Flatforms

Yesterday, I was hoping to score a lot of stuff from the sale (end of season sale everywhere!). I went to Rockwell yesterday and Greenbelt today. The only place I haven't been yet is Glorietta. Those are the three places I frequent to shop. I wanted to roam around Mall of Asia this morning but I was too lazy. Anyway, I watched Transformers 3 in Rockwell yesterday and this morning on IMAX. I must say, the 3D version is superb. I recommend everyone to watch Transformers and soon Harry Potter on IMAX. 3D in cinemas usually makes my head after but with IMAX, I never get headaches (proven it twice already).

Anyway, on to the shoes..

Java Black Suede Wedges
I got these shoes from the Topshop sale. I really don't know how much the original price was but it's around 4K and I got this for 3K+. I guess it wasn't on their 50% off deals. I saved around 1K or 1,500. I know, still expensive but it's what I really like and now I found it.


I know some people don't like flatforms because they're unflattering and they look hard to walk on but it's completely the opposite for me. I love big chunky heels and this is as chunky as it gets. I also love that it's flat so it's easy to walk on. I used this yesterday and today and it didn't hurt much. I could walk on these for hours. Plus, there is really no arch so it's like walking on flats but you're taller than everyone. Haha!

It's around 2 inches platform and another .5 inch for the heel.

If they have this in another color, I would surely buy.

Update: These are originally $130 in Topshop's online store. That's around 130x43.5=5655 and I got it for only 3500ish. Not bad! Plus, there's a color where the top part is red and the wedge is cork-ish. Wish it was solid red. Hehe! :)


  1. i like shoes like these too!

  2. Been looking for something similar, still no luck :(