Thursday, June 30, 2011

JC Foxy... Almost

I know everyone, especially bloggers went gaga when SM Fashion Forum announced that their shipment of Jeffrey Campbell shoes arrived a few weeks ago. I didn't pre-order anything because I was on a tight budget back then and really didn't want to splurge. But when I saw that it's already available, I headed to SM Makati to check out what's still available. Luckily, they still have the Foxys. I really like the Foxy because it's massive but still girly unlike the Lita which is massive too but very military. Tomboy-ish. They had the cheetah print, pink and black. I actually wanted the pink but they only have my size in the cheetah print. I knew I had to try it on. 

I went gaga over these too. I love how tall it is and the print is so nice! The platform is a bit scary because it's around 2 inches high but who cares? It's amazing! It's disturbingly comfortable (because of the platform) and I really love thick, chunky heels so this is a winner.. but not the price tag. It's more than PHP5,000 which still bothers me. I reserved it for one day but didn't bother coming back for it because:
  1. It's too damn expensive. Ouch on my wallet.
  2. Not a practical buy because of the height? I'm 5'5 and I don't want to scare kids. HAHA.
  3. Size wise, it fits but I think I'm a half size bigger. 
So to the lucky girl who got this, enjoy it. One of the best I've ever tried on.

So, did you purchase any JC pair from SM's FF? :)


  1. sayang. love it. comfy comfy comfy.
    i just posted a similar entry :) hehe

  2. I love JCs! Didn't bother purchasing though cos it is expensive. Maybe someday :)

  3. I also reserved one, but decided not to get. I computed the cost per use in my head and for that price, its not worth ot (for me at least) for a shoe I won't wear a lot.

  4. @melvel: agree! also, it's somewhat hard to pair with all my other clothes sooo wag nalang. hehe. :)