Saturday, September 4, 2010

NYX Round Lipstick Haul

I've seen a lot of posts about the NYX Round Lipsticks because they are cheap and there are a lot of colors available!

The colors I got are: Power, Thalia, Tea Rose, Circe and Paris. Here are some pictures of the lipsticks.

Power is a very pale pink, kind of a lavander color which I adore. It's almost the same shade as the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and also my The Face Shop Semi-Matte lipstick. This is a totally wearable color which I can mix with other colors.

Next is Thalia. It's kind of a dark rose color which I think is too dark and makes me look old. Sorry. I don't like this and I won't probably use this one except if I wear it with another color.

And then, there's Paris. Its not as pale as Power, actually a few shades brighter and it has that moisturizing effect which I like.

Tea Rose is like Paris but with a hint of coral. It's nice, very wearable like Paris.

And lastly, there's Circe which is the only nude lipstick I bought. It's a natural nude color and it does wash you out but after a while, it blends with my natural lip color and makes it really nice. It's actually pigmented that it covers the color of my lips. It means that it's not sheer like other nude lipsticks. I love this one!

Skin swatches
Verdict: I've always loved NYX Round Lipsticks! They're all very moisturizing and the colors are great!

I got 3 lipsticks before and this is my second NYX haul. When I have the money, I'd probably get some more! :)


  1. Those colors look great!

  2. Tea Rose is really pretty. Haven't you tried Frappucino? I used to have both and they are really pretty. Too bad I can't take the scent. Dang, you are really on a lipstick phase! How long has it been going on? :P

  3. @Pammy: Used to? What happened? I really don't mind the scent since they're more tolerable compared to The Face Shop lippies. I've probably been on a lipstick phase ever since I started this blog. :))

  4. I sold them. Though I still have one more frapuccino which was a gift but I really can't tolerate the scent. :(

    Good thing I've never tried TFS lippies if that's the case. :P

  5. awesome colors!!!

  6. @Pammy: Oh, too bad! So which brands do you like?

    @Kasia: Thanks Kasia!