Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loving Bobbi Brown

Bobbi brown is the most natural make-up I've worn in years. In high school, I remember asking mom to buy me a concealer and the first counter we went to is Bobbi Brown and I was instantly sold. I love the fact that they have a lot of colors so you're assured that you're going to have a shade to match you.

Recently, I've hit pan with both my concealer and corrector. Sometimes I just use the corrector during those days that I'm just in the office so I rarely use my concealer anymore, just during times when I have to dress up or feel like dressing up.

There's still a tiny bit of product in my concealer and I won't buy until I completely finish it. LOL. Corrector still has a lot of product though I already see the pan. I also love how sleek the packaging is. No frills, just a simple, super travel-friendly product which I can bring with me anywhere.

When I run out of the corrector, I'll definitely buy it again. As for the concealer, I might pass up this one because I like the corrector on its own.

What's your favorite Bobbi Brown product? Do share!

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