Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bobbi Brown Denim and Rose Palette

I recently got the Bobbi Brown Denim and Rose Palette from the Red Girl Shop a few months back during her year end/new year sale. This was probably PHP 1,000 off or something. It was a good deal so I bought it.

There's something annoying about the zipper in the packaging. it's a bit hard to open and close it but it's called "denim" so I guess they couldn't help it. LOL.

Colors are pretty alright. They are pigmented except the sparkle eye shadow. Navajo is a good base, not super opaque, just enough for a good base for eyeshadows. Denim is a good gray matte, something I've been looking for and the Dark Rinse I honestly haven't tried.

As for the lip colors, not really impressed with them except for hot rose gloss which is amazing. makes my lips super plump. Hehe!

I'd give this a 3.5/5 overall because some are not impressive and plain forgettable. 


  1. Oh wow!! That looks so cute! Very handy and practical too :)

    Kisses! xxx