Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Energizer's Energi To Go

Hate when you're out and either you're phone's dying? Well I do especially since my phone's battery is very inconsistent. I almost came to the point to buy another battery as back up but quite expensive and hard to charge since I have to switch batteries just to charge the spare one, right?

I'm glad I read in some blog about this miracle. It's the Energizer Energi To Go. You can charge it using your laptop. When that red light turns green, it means it's fully charged and ready to go.

There are four tips included in the package. I usually use this for my Blackberry but when my relatives needs to charge, they can just switch the tip and charge their phones.
It comes with this black velvety bag which protects and stores the charger and tips. It's very handy and compact.
Took out the product already since I used this as soon as I bought it. My phone was dead at that time. Haha.

Quite expensive at PHP995 but it's rechargeable so I think it's worth it especially nowadays where we have typhoons often. Bought this at the Mac center in Rockwell.

Have you tried this? Will you buy it? Share share share!

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