Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil, Facial Wash and Toner/Lotion

Okay so I bought most of this mid October and I'm only blogging about it now because I want to use them first before reviewing it. Good, right?


First, I got the super raved about cleansing oil because I just feel that I have to take care of my skin more now because it's becoming dry and less "fresh". So, I think I need a cleanser that will thoroughly keep my skin clean but also very soft and moisturized. 

 Here's how you use it...

 I got the anti-inflammatory because my face is sensitive and gets irritated easily especially when it's hot. The super friendly SA over at Rockwell branch suggested that I get this alcohol-free cleansing oil. She used it on my hand to show that it really takes away all the make-up while cleaning your face.
 After a few days, I went back to buy another facial wash because I don't want to use the cleaning oil everyday especially when I don't have make-up even though it's okay to use it.

I got the gentle cleansing oil in gel which is so fragrant and so soft on the face. Seriously, it's as if I put on a layer of moisturizer.

I also bought a toner which they call lotion. It's also alcohol-free which is good. It doesn't dry up my face. It actually evens out my face and makes it more radiant.

I think the facial wash will be emptied in about a few months which is sad because it's expensive but super nice.

FYI, I didn't break-out with any of the products. Super love Shu Uemura!

4.5/5. -.5 because it's super expensive, but I guess it's worth it!

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