Sunday, July 31, 2011

How I "Depot" My Guerlain Meteorites

Okay, not really depot - more like transfer. Haha! I'm just so tired of bringing along my big Meteorites container that sometimes I just leave it at home. When I went to PureBeauty in Serendra, I saw a small container for only PHP90. I bought it right away and got really excited because I can now bring my Meteorites wherever and whenever. 

As you all know, this is how the container looks like. It's a bit boxy, big and thick. Though it's big, it houses the product well but a bit too much to carry around.

This is what I got from PureBeauty over at Serendra.

It's clear and has a detachable cover which is something I like. The spatula is included for transfering liquids and creams, I suppose.

Puff included
Got a couple of the meteorites

It's super small compared to the old one. In my cosmetics bag, I use this with either my Bobbi Brown Face Blender brush which I got years ago and my new Charm Kabuki Brush which I will review soon.

Now I can finally use this wherever and whenever! Yey!!!


  1. Those Meteorites look super cute! :P

  2. @Pammy: Thanks Pammy! :) I looove them so much. Gives me such a nice glow :)