Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiny Haul from Greenhills

My friend asked me a few weeks ago where I got all my apps in my iPad because she recently bought one and wanted new apps. I told her that I got it from Greenhills. She asked me if I could go with her and of course I said yes! I haven't seen her for months and was just excited to see her again.

Anyway, after installing all the apps that we wanted, we went to the tiangge and other shops. Here's my tiny haul from the 6 hours of walking that we did. 

This is a top I got from Ochie in one of the shops in Shoppesville. It's gray, flowy and has a crocheted floral design. Love this. A bit expensive for PHP650 but I really like it so I bought it anyway. I plan on buying fabric with prints and have my mananahi re-create this for me. I bet I could do this too but I have no time and no tools to do it.
You don't need a necklace anymore for this.
Next is from an accessories stall which my friend and I really like. It's called Style on Air. I hope they have an online store because it's really nice and I can't afford to go to Greenhills often. :| Also, the Korean owner is so nice to us that she gave us discounts and by the way, all her stuff are very trendy. She has connector rings for less than PHP200.

I like this because it has such elegance that I could wear to a formal or casual event. It's matte silver as you can see and it complements my skin well. I like! (PHP290)

This is quite different from the other rings that I have. It's much more shiny and gold in person. I fell in love with this the first time I saw it. Also, very affordable at PHP190 or PHP150, can't remember. 

I just love going to Greenhills for affordable stuff and lovely accessories.


  1. Love your new jewelry! I agree that ring is pretty unique :)

  2. Lovely hauls! the top is nice!

  3. @Kari: Yes, totally! There's one in silver too. I wanted to buy but for some reason, it doesn't suit me. :(

    @Ava: Thanks! :) I really like it. Worn it to a reunion. Such an easy top to wear :)

  4. Wow, the earrings are truly lovely! Very versatile. :)