Sunday, July 31, 2011

Charm Pro 21-Pc. Make-Up Brush Set & Kabuki Brush

Last weekend, I went gaga over make-up brushes. I didn't mind the rain when I went to Serendra after lunch to check out Charm brushes over at PureBeauty. I initially wanted to order them online but I also wanted to check out the merchandise first before buying it.

When I got there, I was greeted by a super friendly and helpful SA (I forgot her name). I inquired about the Charm brushes and was totally confused whether I'd get the travel size of full size. The travel size is 14pcs. while the complete set is 21pcs. The difference is only PHP1000 because the travel size is PHP2200 while the 21pcs set is PHP3200. The SA suggested that I buy the Pro set because I'd get more brushes and the bag is included which normally goes up to 2K. So, I said yes. I also got the Kabuki Brush for only PHP580. I couldn't believe that they're so affordable compared to the other brands and yet, the quality is topnotch. 

The pouch that could be used as a belt too, according to the SA.

All sealed in plastic, top and bottom
I have to admit that I love the eyeshadow brushes, liquid foundation brushes, large powder brush, contouring brush and lip brush. Those are my most used brushes. I'm currently experimenting on them and I just can't wait to use them all. 

The Kabuki brush I've been talking about is my super blender brush. Whenever I do contouring and I get hard edges, I use this to even it out to have a more natural look. 

It comes with a small pouch

This is just one of the softest brushes ever! It's fluffy and gets the job done. I really don't have any complaints since they're all very usable and doesn't hurt my skin at all. My only problem is when I'm out of town, I don't think it's appropriate to bring all. It's either I take what I only need and then keep the rest at home or buy the holiday or travel set. I'm confused. I need to save up! Haha!

This is available at PureBeauty at Serendra or through

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