Sunday, June 26, 2011

Permanent Blowdry 2.0

I had my hair done yesterday at Fabio Salsa Salon over at Rockwell for my annual permanent blow dry (Yes, it was my birthday the day before - June 24). This treatment lasts me a year because I do have straight hair but not the manageable kind. It's kinda frizzy and the short hairs are curly which are both very annoying. I didn't want to have it rebonded because it's too fake for me. It's way too straight without any volume at all. Permanent blow dry is different because it still has volume but no more frizz and totally manageable.

Of course the first few weeks it would look very straight because of the chemicals but give it a while and you'll see the difference. The procedure took about 2.5 hours which is not that long considering the last time I was there it was around 3 hours.

I love my hair because it's very manageable, shiny and no frizz. My affair with long hair is back and totally loving it!


  1. it feels so long i can't remember anymore. around 5k i think :)

  2. your hair is really beautiful. i also want to experience this permanent blow dry but there are some speculations that the formula used contains formaldehyde? Does Fabio Salsa Salon used formaldehyde-free formula? Im so sorry to ask this out of nowhere. And can we get an update on your hair after three months of the treatment. Thanks so much. <3