Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Affordable Boat Shoes

Just recently, I started selling my shoes on ebay because it's getting too crowded in here and some of them I'm not using anymore so it's just right that I sell them online. Most of the stuff I'm selling are heels and platforms because I'm investing on flats and sandals. 

Good thing my practical side (aka boyfriend) kicked in and so I went inside the Payless store and saw some boat shoes. I've always wanted one but Sebago shoes are way too expensive for a pair. They actually have three styles, one is blue (solid and stripes), red and gold. I chose the red pair because it's bright, happy and very me. 

From Dexter

Only PHP1,250!

These are cotton-ish (because I'm not sure) material and not the leather material from Sebago which could explain the price point.

These are very comfortable shoes which can be dressed up (and down) in so many way. You can wear this with shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans and leggings. So well, practically, any trousers. I'm loving this pair so much that if they come up with other colors, I'm definitely buying (brights please).

Payless stores usually have new stocks weekly but the styles are very limited if you compare it with Payless abroad. Nonetheless, the price points are good and very affordable. I also love the fact that they have big sizes. Yey!


  1. super cute! i want boat shoes!

  2. Hey Ava! Thanks :) These are really comfy and super affordable!

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