Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will not settle for anything less: Loving Clarins HydraQuench Cream

This is my new love. Introducing Clarins HydraQuench Cream. I got acquainted with this product when my brother asked me to buy something from Clarins in Macau because it's not available here. The SA gave me some free samples which I used. For a while, I didn't use moisturizer because I ran out and I know I should have bought one but I didn't. When I saw the sample of the moisturizer, I used it right away and I ran out immediately. The same brother went to Hong Kong two weeks ago and I asked him to buy me this and fortunately, they have it.

It has such a pristine and classy packaging.

Top is still sealed.

It a very light and translucent cream which actually has a very matte finish. It's not like other moisturizers which makes you look oily or creamy. This has a very light odor which I don't mind. It is also very spreadable and good for the humid weather.

This amazing product doesn't come cheap. It's around 420HKD which is around PHP2500. I don't know if this is available locally because I haven't checked yet. I think Rustan's have Clarins, right?

Will update this as soon as I know. I'm now actually very curious about their other products such as the facial wash, toners, etc.

Will you try Clarins (kla-rans)?
Click here for the right pronunciation. LOL.

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