Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nude is Cool!

Was browsing through this afternoon when I spotted Kim Kardashian's nude platform heels. After work, I headed home and researched the brand and style. I discovered that these are actually the Christian Louboutin Lady Daf 160mm.

At first when i only saw the front view,  I thought they were wedges. After seeing other pictures, the red sole became a giveaway. Too easy.

They are huge! Anywayyy, I also spotted Jamie Chung from Sucker Punch in Nylon's Anniversary Party wearing something similar to Kim K's shoes. Again, the front view tricked me into believing they were the same pair because it turned out to be Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

From experience, I know that wedges are easier to use because it's more stable - but with this pair, I think it's just as hard as any stiletto. Good luck girlies!

I'm leaning towards the wedges more than the Louboutins because they look chunkier and edgy. On the other hand, the Louboutin heels are for more sophisticated get ups. WAA! But I love them both!!!

Take your pick!


  1. wow!! those shoes are amazing!:)

  2. Tough choice, but I say the Louboutins :)

    I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

  3. @Sarah: Agree! Both are nice, actually. :)