Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Melissa Patchuli: Possibly The Most Comfortable 5-inch Heels...Ever!

I've been wearing shoes since I was in high school. Started from 2-inch heels, then tried 3-inch heels, got comfortable with 4-inch heels and now, enjoying the sexiness of 5-inch heels. I usually get my fix from Aldo, Schutz, CMG and now MELISSA SHOES.

The BF wanted to buy some Vibram FiveFingers Komodo. We headed to Rockwell last Saturday to check out if it's already available.

It took him about 2 hours (movie time!) to decide whether he will buy it or not. I actually had to push him to buy it and to "live a little". So on our way back to the store to buy it, I spotted the amazing Melissa shoes at Anthem and I did not hesitate to check them out. There were a couple of styles there, not as comprehensive as the online store but of course, it's better to buy in stores because you can check your size especially if it's your first time to buy Melissa shoes.

I've heard of Melissa shoes back when I was still in college. I went for the cheap knock offs because of course I couldn't afford the real one and I was sure my parents wouldn't buy me a pair. Now that I have saved a bit, I could proudly buy a pair of shoes from my own hardwork.

So what did the BF get for me as an early birthday gift?


Meet Patchuli. I don't know where that name came from but after some research, it's actually a heavy kind of perfume. By the way, if you have Melissa shoes, don't you notice how nice they smell?

It's a 5-inch wedge with a front platform which is beyond comfortable to wear. It doesn't irritate my skin or give me foot ache. I actually wore this to mass last Sunday and then went to S&R to buy some stuff for the house and then went out for dinner. That was around 4:30-9:00 in the evening and I used my Patchuli the whole time! Amazing.

This can actually glam up your simple look because of the striking stripe at the back.

This is what I wore when I bought it.

This is what I wore today but just changed into these shoes for the photo - was in the office the whole day.

This is also available in blue, red, black, brown and beige. It's also quite expensive at PHP4,599.


  1. OMGGG ang ganda ng shoes mo!!!! Especially yung red in the back! So unexpected!
    Good thing they're so comfortable! Bagay talaga sa yo!:))

  2. thanks dear! yes! have you tried melissa shoes? theyre sooooo comfy! no doubt. im lemming over the amazonas!

  3. quite expensive! but if they're comfy naman ok na :)