Sunday, April 10, 2011


I went to MOA last Friday with my cousins from Bulacan. I asked the BF to go with me since we'll barely see each other this weekend. After eating merienda at Greenwich, we passed by Auntie Anne's to buy pretzels and I went to Greater Good to look at some shirts. Prior to that, I went to the department store to look for cool, breezy v-necks but what they had were too masculine and the fabric wasn't too nice. Good thing I saw the display shirts from Greater Good.

This is what I ended up bringing home after that tiring day (had to pass by Rockwell to pick up shades for mom and I got to buy stuff from the Dorothy Perkins sale).

The three shirts are from Greater Good - PHP550 a pop and it's quite affordable because the fabric is just fabulous. Super soft cotton. Survived the whole day. By the way, each shirt represents a social cause.

The first one is for the environmental awareness - keeping it straight and stable

 Second: Save the Tigers!


Third: Save the Ocean!

Cute dolphin print!

And since I got three shirts, I got a free Eco Bag!

I'm really happy with my Greater Good shirts! Have you visited their store yet?

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