Sunday, February 27, 2011

MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm

I've been hearing a lot of BBs and they are supposedly very good because it doesn't only moisturize but it also evens out your face - more like a tinted moisturizer. When I was asking the SA at the MAC counter in Duty Free, she recommended this primer for me. This is my first ever BB cream/primer so I can't really compare this to any other primers. I'm not even sure if this is really a primer because based on other blogs I read, it's supposed to be like a tinted moisturizer or a make up base like Dr. Jart's.

Based on my research this is not available in  MAC counters or even online and this is only available in DFS. This is also not the best primers they released. However, I find it useful and very good. First, it is a good primer because it made my foundation easier to apply and it also made my skin almost flawless. It kept my foundation intact and it minimized my dry spots. My blush on stayed longer than usual which is good because my blush on usually fades only after a few hours. It also didn't make me oily (though I only used this once and at night - will give another review when I use it during day time). The runny texture wasn't a big deal because it dries up eventually. It also has SPF 35 which is good. I can actually smell it so if that doesn't annoy you, this should be okay.

It's more on the pink side rather than most foundations which are more on the cream or beige colors.

Ta-dah! It really blends well on my skin and it's just the right color. It doesn't give me the white mask when taking pictures which is a good thing.

Check this product out at Duty Free - I think that is the only place you'll get this.


  1. seems like a good product to me.. too bad it's only available in duty free :(

  2. yes. maybe you could buy when you go to another country or wait for a relative or friend to come in the PH? hehe :)