Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Oscars - The Best and The Worst

My two cents.



Cate Blanchett: She is my favorite. Not everyone would say the same because the squared sleeves is not something everyone appreciates. The color combination and the ethereal feel to this is just wonderful. I. LOVE. The back detail is also fabulous.

The very pregnant Natalie Portman: She is so pretty. Her choice of wardrobe lately is fantastic. She wears them beautifully even though she's pregnant. She knows how to carry herself. The earrings are also cute!
The cutie Hailee Steinfeld: Her Marchesa outfit is age appropriate and very in trend. Cutie!
The showstopper Camila Alves: This ball gown is just TDF. The accessories and the hairdo is just perfect.
The sexy Jennifer Lawrence: She just transformed so much. She definitely belongs in the red carpet. Baywatch meets Red Carpet.
The stunning Eva Mendez: She wore this to the after party. Surprisingly, even if the top looks like it belongs elsewhere, she pulled it off and the textures are so nice to look at.
Funky Rosie Huntington: The dress compliments her skin well and don't forget the shoes!

Where's Bieber? I guess you all know that Gomez and Bieber are a couple now - don't really care. HAHA. But I love Selena's dress. Perfect color and cut. Lovely. I'm just not so sure if it's age appropriate. As for Taylor Swift, gorgeous as always!


Nicole Kidman: The is so 1990s. Not happy with the shoes. 
 Melissa Leo: Doily much?
 Naomi Watts: She looks all over the place and the dress is definitely not flattering. The feathers are annoying, no?
 Deborra-Lee Furness: When you're married to Hugh Jackman, I think you ought to dress better. :(
 Marissa Tomei: Unlike Nicole Kidman, this is so 2000. Hehe.
 Jennifer Hudon: Her weight loss is just amazing. She looks so good and glowing. However, the upper part of her dress is a disaster. Her boobs look too high and the cleavage is just weird. I can't really put my finger on it but it looks off.
 Amy Adams: Though she's wearing wow jewelry, the dress is too simple for the Oscars. The sleeves, the neckline - too boring for me.
 Lea Michele: I just don't like it.
 Zoe Saldana: The pink details are annoying. The shoes are death.

Of course, Anne Hathaway needs her own section.

I've arranged this from my favorite dress down to my least favorite. 

in Atelier Versace
in Givenchy Haute Couture

in Oscar de la Renta

in Vivienne Westwood

in Valentino

in Lanvin
in Giorgio Armani Prive

What's your pick?

Pictures are from Yahoo! & Just Jared


  1. omg. I dunno who dressed Lea Michele, she's the worst. she looks like 50y/o woman w/ that dress.

  2. true. and a lot more. fashion th

  3. -is year is boring except for Cate B. :)

  4. oh my goodness! I didn't even see Lea Michelle or Zoe walk the entire night. They're stylist should be fired! And if they did it themselves, they need to hire one asap! Disastrous!

    B So Chic!

  5. @Bren: I think they just went to the Vanity Fair after party. True. They should get a new stylist because those were just awful.