Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shoe Shopping in SG

I got to go shoe shopping in Singapore because it's super affordable - approximately 600 per pair, not bad! I got 5 pairs and here they are:

First is an orange pair with like a Koosh Ball on top. It's sooo cute! Plus it has a pointy front which makes my feet look sexier! Hehe :)
Next one is this black pair from the Lucky Plaza. We ate at McDonald's there because we were really hungry then we saw a small store that sells super cute shoes. This is what I got.
Next up -- sandals I got at the 313 Somerset mall. I could use this for errands, the beach and malls. It's simple but the beads are different and it pops!
The fourth pair I got is from Mitju again. This is my favorite among all 5 but it hurts my feet. I have to break it in first. Fashion over pain! Haha!
Lastly, I got some clear flats from 313 Somerset mall. There are absolutely amazing and are very comfortable. Best for rainy days and very fashionable too! I love that it's super clear but I have to have impeccable feet it I want to wear this. Haha!
I just can't wait to wear all of them! Amazing buy from Singapore!

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