Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Haul from the Mango Sale

I went to Rockwell yesterday to meet my friend and we both ended up buying sale items from Mango. It's a Monday so we had the store to ourselves. It was so much easier to shop compared to weekends because there's really just a few shoppers. I got two tops.

This is the first one - it's so simple because of it's color but the strap on the side sold me the top. It reminds me of a straitjacket. Haha! I love it! Can't wait to accessorize it!

My second buy is somewhat edgy. It has chains and ruffles. Hmm. Doesn't sound nice but it's soo great! It's so comfy and I also love the print. Check out the pictures!

Plain tee is only 990 from 2250. Savings = 1260

Chained tee from 2450 to 1290. Savings = 1160
Total savings = 1260 + 1160 = 2420
Not bad!

So glad with my Mango haul! I'm trying not to go back soon. Haha!
Have a happy Tuesday!
Happy new year!

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