Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holidays in Singapore

I wasn't able to blog for a while because I was away. My family and I went to Singapore for a holiday getaway. We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel for 2 nights and then went to Sentosa and stayed in Hard Rock Hotel SG for our last night. We had a red eye flight which is very exhausting but we were able to enjoy Singapore for another day.

The Singapore Flyer and the MBS Hotel
This is what you'll see at night when you're in the area. Those are actually balls with wishes written on them. How cool. They have a light show at night - the balls turn blue, yellow, green and other colors at night.
I went to the Sky Park at MBS Hotel and the view is simply breathtaking. You can see the whole city just like in the Flyer, I suppose. Pretty view in the morning and more spectacular at night.

Here are some pictures of the MBS Hotel

Inside the MBS Hotel - behind me is the buffet area

The SkyPark with the Infinity Pool

Singapore won't be complete without the Chili Crab!
After staying in the MBS Hotel for 2 days, the next morning, we went to Sentosa. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel SG which is fabulous. I love the ambiance though it's not yet 100% finished. They are still working on some parts in the lobby but I think all the rooms are done already.

Pool area
Hotel Rooms and Garden

The Forum where they have Candylicious Store
With the massive Christmas Tree
We also went to Universal Studios Singapore. It was really packed with all the tourists and the kids. We got to ride about 2 rides only because the other rides were either for kids or were too crazy for our taste. We still enjoyed our Universal Studios visit but I'm not sure I'll be coming back.
Universal Studios SG with Dino :)
I also met the panda from Kung Fu Panda

Vain Shot at the Hard Rock Hotel Elevator. The crystals are amazing.
There's also a Hershey's store which is so coool. So many chocolate, so little time!

With the Merlion

Can't be Hard Rock without some drinks - my Peach Daiquiri

Of course, it won't be complete without shopping! We went to Vivo City - a gigantic mall with all the brands I love. Plus, they were having their end of season sale so lucky me!
Just want to share with you all the trust bag I was carrying all day. This is from Forever21 - brought by my friend from the States. It was on sale that's why I asked her to buy it for me. I love it! It stores my shades, money, MRT cards, camera and some necessities. ILY.

How about you? How did you spend your holidays?


  1. The bag is cute, can't believe it's from F21!! I've wanting one like this cause it's more convenient when traveling :)

    I'd want to visit Singapore someday! The infinity pool looks so cool!!! heehee

  2. MBS is heavenly! Breathtaking pics. Glad you and your family had a blast. Happy New Year! :P

  3. @Edwina: Yeap! The bag is so cute I also have one in blue. For sure, a body bag/messenger bag is a must when traveling.

    @Pammy: Thanks Pam! We did have fun from all the sight-seeing and walking. Hehe. Oh, shopping too! :)