Sunday, August 8, 2010

In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

During my brother's wedding, the make-up artist shaped by eyebrows for it to frame my face. The bad thing about that is she shaved it too much. After removing the make-up, my brows were so bare they were embarrassing. I knew that I have to buy either a pencil or powder or gel for my eyebrows. Since I am a fan of Project Vanity and I saw her blog about this product, I got curious and bought this right away. I was actually considering Face Shop's Brow Powder Duo (last photo) but it was more expensive compared to In2It. Also, when the SA tried it on me, the color was too dark and since now I have sparse hair on my brows, it wouldn't look that natural.

Here's the photos of my recently bought eyebrow powder:

Expiration date - 2015. Yey.
The applicator that comes with it
Proof of purchase - just PHP299.75! Not bad!
Here's a photo of my bare eyebrows - you can see that the outer part is sparse and needs help!
Here's a photo of the revived brows. I just follow the shape of my eyebrows and voila! It looks natural, not too dark and also it stays long on my eyebrows!

By the way, here's a photo of The Face Shop's Brow Powder Duo
Photo from The Face Shop Website

  • First of all, it's super affordable
  • There are three colors to mix around with
  • It's compact, not bulky at all
  • It comes with a brush
  • It has a mirror!
  • Long wearing
  • Brush is too stiff, might need to buy a new one
Overall, I love this product! This great for everyday use and it's nice because it stays on for a long time. No need really for retouches. I could leave this at home which means less hassle for me.



  1. I've been using In2It's brow powder for years now. Mine's in the old packaging. I have sparse brows and this product works. I'm sure yours will last for years. :P

  2. your brows looks fine to me. they don't look too thin :)

    by the way, thanks for participating in my mini giveaway! I have naturally wavy hair so my bangs was getting weird and out of control on me lol.

  3. i didn't know these products !!!!

    thanks for sharing !!!!!


  4. @Pammy: I'm glad I'm not alone - this prove that this product works!! Thanks Pammy!

    @Becky: It's not thin but I think it's sparse. I'm not really used to it and the brow powder is doing the job. :)

    thanks for having the giveaway! so we have the same problem. i just recently had mine permanently blowdried. i love it. it's manageable and straight :)

    @Lily: I'm just not so sure if this product is available in your country. maybe you can check the website? :) thanks for the comment :)

  5. I use this everyday. Looooove it!

  6. @charrie: i love this too! i think i'll be using this for a looong long time :)