Friday, August 6, 2010

Clinique Lipstick Lip Swatches

When I was growing up, my mom would usually use Clinique cosmetics and beauty care like moisturizers, pressed powder, blush, etc. So when I saw that my auntie gave my mom some Clinique lipsticks, I had to try (and maybe steal them).

We got the Clinique High Impact in Plum Nude with SPF 15 (left) and Long Last Lipstick in Chianti (right).
Using Chianti
Using Plum Nude

Chianti is my favorite color. It's a dark red which could also be used in the day. I used it this afternoon when I went to the mall. Although the color doesn't stay that long on my lips, it stained a bit but I had to reapply every 2 hours.

We also got another lipstick but in a different packaging. I don't really know why. Maybe different manufacturing dates? When we got the green tubes, there were no boxes but it wasn't used as the sticks were flawless and smooth. Anyway, this is the Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Pink Spice. Out of the three, I really don't like this one because it's not pigmented, it took me three swipes to finally have color on my lips, which I don't like because it feels too thick already.

Overall, I like the first two lipsticks because they are wearable and very easy to apply. There is also no scent problem like other lipsticks.



  1. Plum Nude and Chianti looks pretty. :P

    The green ones are GWP's or freebies when you purchase something from them. The silver one is the regular packaging of the lippies. Hope this helps. :)

  2. oh that's why. but they're of the same height and i think of the same amount. oh well, sometimes those are sold at a cheaper price right? or not? :)

    thanks for the info pammy!

  3. Yep. They sell the green ones at cheaper cost because they are free. :P

    Although there are some sellers on, for example, who sell them at an outrageous price. :P

  4. even here in the philippines or just abroad? :)

  5. In the US the green ones are always free in the gift with purchase or promotional sets, they are never sold separately. The silver ones are the ones you pay for. It's the same product, the packaging just isn't as nice on the promotional items. Once the promotion is over, any products that are left are sold to liquidators, who then resell them, usually online. Also, people who got the GWP will sell off items that they don't want or need, or maybe swap them in makeup forums. You can buy whole GWP sets on Amazon and eBay sometimes, but it's not Clinique selling them, it's resellers and people who got them free.

    I usually buy skincare to get the seasonal GWP. I use some Clinique skincare anyway, might as well get a new lipstick to try with it, so I wait to buy what I need when they have a GWP.