Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick Post: Lipstick Army

Just wanted to share my lipstick army. I love my lipsticks! Now, I can't live without them! Hehe :)

Brands: MAC, Revlon, Lancome, Clinique, L'oreal, The Face Shop, NYX

Here it is!

This is my mom's collection
This is my collection
I don't have the time to label them all, one by one but I will soon!

Show me your Lipstick Army too! :) Would love to see your collection as well!


  1. yay for the lipstick army !!!!!!!!!!!

    lovely colors !!

  2. @lily: thanks!! i'm actually embarrassed of my lipstick army. it's not a lot compared to other make up lovers! hehe

  3. Mia, no need to be embarassed. I do not even have an army. I think mine's just a couple of kick outs. Haha! Really pretty collection. :P

  4. wow for the collection!!! i have 2 or 4 lippie.. sensitive kasi lips ko *sobs* thats why mas madami akong lipbalm/lipgloss


  5. @pammy: i doubt that, based from your blog,i think you've got a lot too! hehe ;) thanks!! :)

    @rhaindropz: oh, why? does your lips dry/chap easily? maybe you should go for moisturizing lipsticks or put on lip balm first before applying color :) that helps too! :)

    thanks for the comment!

  6. that's a lot of lipsticks! yey!

  7. you have an amazing collection!!! I have a lot of nyx lip sticks ;)

  8. @lloyda: yes! in a way i want more but after seeing this, i think i should stop buying or asking for lipsticks as pasalubong. :))

    @Becky: i wish i could get some more nyx lipsticks but its not for sale here in the Philippines so I have to wait for resellers to restock! Would love to see your collection too! :)

  9. Hi! You have an amazing lipstick collection! I was wondering... in the last picture, what is the Revlon one called that's in the front row, 5th from the right? Thank you!! :)

  10. hi! it's either twinkled pink or pink in the afternooon. not really sure.

    http://miyamazing.blogspot.com/2010/08/revlon-super-lustrous-lipstick-in.html - my review of twinkled pink :)

    thanks! :)