Sunday, July 17, 2011

OOTD: Army and Silk

Today was quite a chill day for me since I didn't have to do anything except spend some time with the family and the boyfriend. Early morning my bro, sis-in-law and boyfriend went to IMAX to watch the last installment of Harry Potter. It was pretty awesome. Everything except the ending. It was.. let's say normal? Well, it is an ending but I kind of expected more. The twists are great but the finality of it is quite usual. 

That's just me. I write reviews but I'm no expert though the graphics and the drama is superb. Sometimes, I think that this is such a feel good movie. It makes me happy but not enough to make me cry. For me the best is Book 7 Part 1 and of course Book 1 and my least favorite is Book 6. Dumbeldore died but it was all talk, no action. 

After that, I just stayed home and rested and then went to Burgos Circle in Taguig to celebrate my brother's birthday. Silly me, I forgot to bring my camera. :(

Anywayyy, on to my outfit

Another fail photo, LOL.
 Top from the Marks & Spencer sale - Shorts from Forever21 - Shoes from Topshop - 
Accessories from Charriol and Kenneth Cole
Love the details of this polo.

One single flap on top of your shoulders could make an outfit very army-ish, no?

It also has pockets. Sneaky!
I've been into semi-oversized shirts because of the weather and because I really want to wear comfy clothes primarily because of work. The fabric is silky, very smooth and not too thick so I could wear it during the day or night. It also has gold details which means I could accessorize with fold jewelry and because it's navy blue, silver jewelry is okay too.

Bracelet: Charriol - Watch: Kenneth Cole - Chinese bracelet (I think this is Garnet? - bought from a friend)

And of course, my favorite shoes at the moment, my black flatforms from Topshop.

That's it! How was your weekend?

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