Monday, June 6, 2011

Foundation and Concealer Brushes

I've been reading about cosmetic brushes here and there. I know it's sometimes better than finger application that's why I had to buy one but I don't want to spend a lot for a brush. As you know, one of my favorite stores is PCX in Rockwell. I really wasn't planning on buying brushes but when I saw it last week, I couldn't say no to the concealer brush because I just bought my Bobbi Brown Corrector

The SA told me that the brushes are 50% off so she encouraged me to buy the foundation brush. She also told me that they are made in Japan. They were the same quality it's just that the foundation brush is a lot bigger. 

The first one I got to use is the concealer brush. It's very good, actually. The bristles are not too big so it even covered the lines better. Yey for that! I used it on both my corrector and concealer. For the price I paid, no regrets here! The size is just right and not too stiff. The packaging is cheap though, not even a pouch or tube. Just regular plastic.

Packaging - yuck.

Original Price - Discounted at PHP140.
I couldn't say the same for the foundation brush. For me it felt kulang (incomplete). Meaning, there weren't enough bristles. Though it's soft, I don't feel like it transfers the product well on my skin. I'd rather use my fingers to apply my foundation. Sad, I know.

Foundation brush

Got this for only PHP300!

Other than those really expensive brushes, what are your favorites?

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